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Thursday, October 18,  2018


The Times Photo / Patti Hacault

Somerset Manor 

Celebrates 50 Years

by Patti Hacault, Staff Reporter


It all started started with a simple act of kindness! 


“In 1963, a seed was planted with a very generous donation of $50,000  by Orphidas Decosse.  Three years later, Messrs. Fortier, DePape, Dr. Mabon and Father Moquin propositioned the community with a plan to construct the first phase of what we call the Somerset Manor,” stated Joe Sierens, President of the Somerset Manor Board, during his opening remarks at the 50th anniversary celebration. 


The Somerset Manor celebrated a milestone 50th anniversary on a blustery Sunday afternoon, October 14th, 2018. 


The importance of this special occasion was evident by the many people who gathered at the Somerset Rendez-vous Centre to acknowledge this prestigious event.


“The donation was the spark that motivated Remi DePape, Dr. Mabon and Fred Fortier to meet with Father Moquin, the parish priest, with the proposition of building the manor if the parish would donate the $50,000 toward the project.


Father Moquin and the parish trustees, Marcel Mestagh, Paul Messner and Emile Landreville, must have thought it a deserving project because three years later, after the initial demand, the $50,000 was donated towards the project,” outlined Aurel Pantel, Reeve, Municipality of Lorne.

The Somerset Manor Board took time for a group picture on Sunday, October 14th at their 50th anniversary. Pictured (l-r) were Joe Sierens, Chuck Schmidt, Ken Clark, Debbie Rondeau, Claire De Graeve, 

Lola Shields and Robbie Van Deynze. Missing from the photo 

were Junior Thevenot, Marcel Berard and Corinna Grenier.

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