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Wednesday, May 25, 2017


The Times Photo / Patti Hacault

The organizers and cyclists of La Grande Traversée presented a unique conference of testimonials and demonstrations to École régionale Notre-Dame students.

La Grande Traversée Travels Through Notre Dame de Lourdes

by Patti Hacault, Staff Reporter


École régionale Notre-Dame was host to the La Grande Traversée Relay Tour which comprised of 55 people – 35 bikers and 20 staff.


Participants and volunteers of La Grande Traversée Relay Tour arrived in Notre Dame de Lourdes on Monday, May 21, 2017 and spent the night at the school. They gave a unique conference to École régionale Notre-Dame students prior to leaving for their next community, Sainte-Anne.


Their mission was to encourage young people to make a healthy choice and practice lifestyle habits which are wholesome and sustainable for the future.


The Grande Traversée, a national cycling relay, is committed to encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Their activities are based on physical activity and nutritious eating. To accomplish this goal, it has partnered with a large number of educational institutions across Canada to encourage and promote active living among the young.

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