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Thursday, September 12, 2019


by Patti Hacault, Staff Reporter

Harvest is advancing slowly due to Mother Nature’s cool, wet weather.

Harvest days were few last week with repeated rainfall. The crops harvested were tough and had to be put on aeration or dried for safe longer-term storage. Precipitation throughout the week stalled harvest advancement. Humidity remained moderate with heavy dews most mornings. Topsoil moisture has improved and is rated as fair to good. Harvest of wheat, oats and barley continues, being much more advanced in the Red River Valley than west of the escarpment.

“Harvest days last week were few with rain and rainy weather early in the week followed by humid and cool conditions; only a couple of days of actual harvest during the week. Harvested grain is tough and put on aeration and dried before longer term storage. Twenty-five to 35 mm of rain was received early last week, replenishing topsoil and subsoil moisture for the benefit of late maturing crops like soybeans and corn,” reported Rejean Picard, Farm Production Extension Specialist.

Other crops are mature and as a result are not benefitting from this late season moisture. Temperatures have been fluctuating between the high teens to low 20’s during the day and down to single digit overnight some nights.

Local Harvest Slowed by Weather

Farmers, due to the slow drying conditions of cereal crops, were switching to their canola fields on Friday, September 6th.

The Times Photo / Patti Hacault

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