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Thursday, July 26, 2018


A  remediation cleanup is currently underway near Swan Lake.

The Times Photo / Patti Hacault

Oil Spill Cleanup Underway

by Patti Hacault, Staff Reporter


A 35 year old oil spill with an estimated 440 barrels of liquid in the area, is undergoing a remediation cleanup under Enbridge’s Remedial Action Plan.


The site remediation or clean-out process includes a few phases. The initial stage verifies the extent of the contamination in terms of depth, distance, and the levels of contamination. The clean-out process may vary, depending on the circumstances and gravity of contamination. In many cases, removing the contaminated soil to an off-site location for further treatment is sufficient.


Legally, Enbridge is accountable for any incidents that may have happened as a result of their operations. Landowners are not liable for contamination to their land where it is established that the cause was an Enbridge incident. Enbridge works with landowners to minimize any disruption associated with remediation.


Enbridge also works with the appropriate regulatory agencies (Federal, Provincial and Regional), affected landowners and other applicable stakeholders to address environmental concerns and cleanup remediation sites.


On behalf of their NEB regulated pipelines, Enbridge follows the NEB’s ‘Remediation Process Guide’.


“We report the discovery of historical contamination to the required regulatory agencies (NEB, provincial regulators) in a timely manner and manage the site within the remediation program to assess environmental conditions and develop appropriate remedial strategies,” underlined David Coll, Senior Communications Advisor, Enbridge, Inc.


Enbridge is currently undertaking environmental remediation work to address historical contamination dating back to the 1970s or 1980s, on privately-held land approximately three km west of Swan Lake in southwestern Manitoba.

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