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Thursday, May 2, 2019


The Times Photo / Daxley Lodwick

Growth and Prosperity Stakeholders Group Project Manager Jolene Callum explained the project in detail to those in attendance April 23 in Rathwell.

Natural Gas Information Session Held in Rathwell

Following the recent decision by council of the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne to no longer participate in the Growth and Prosperity Stakeholders Group (GPSG), a number of concerned citizens have taken it upon themselves to create a public dialogue.


A Natural Gas Information Session was held at the Rathwell Hall on Tuesday, April 23 with close to 180 people in attendance.

Panel members included Doug Collins, Chairperson of the GPSG; Jolene Callum, CPSG Project Manager; Brent Reich of Manitoba Hydro; Aurel Pantel of the Municipality of Lorne, Ray Huggart of the R.M. of Victoria; Dena Viallet, Norfolk Treherne Economic Development Officer and Ernie Maendel, representing the Hutterite colonies supporting the natural gas project.  Ken Reimer of Community Futures Heartland acted as moderator.


Jolene Callum gave an informative presentation on the project, followed by a question and answer period.


“We’re looking at bringing gas service to commercial public buildings, as well as Hutterite colonies, agricultural producers and residents,” commented Callum.


She noted natural gas is about half the cost of hydro electricity and a third of the cost of propane. Callum added that the forecast for natural gas is to remain stable for the next five years. Natural gas in Canada is abundant with an estimated 300 year supply.

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